Investment Strategy

Rosemont seeks to build on its 31 year legacy by making a limited number of indefinite minority investments in high quality majority employee-owned asset and wealth management firms. We strive to be the most valuable, enjoyable, and non-meddling minority partner in the industry.


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Our investment philosophy is rooted in the belief that the long-term sustainability and value of the companies we invest in are optimized by management teams owning and sharing broadly in that value. Rosemont typically acquires 10-40% stakes alongside management owners who are highly motivated to protect, transition, and grow the value of their own equity and franchises.

Why Rosemont

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Rosemont is a thoughtful partner and unique sounding board for its investments. We have long developed a reputation as an industry expert and champion of management. Our background and in-depth knowledge of the asset and wealth management industries are our fundamental differentiators. Having analyzed, counseled, or invested in over 1,000 firms across the last 31 years gives us a unique comprehension and perspective on the business.

What we provide

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We provide ongoing value on many topics, including but not limited to:

  • Equity Ownership Transition and Structure
  • Compensation and Value Sharing
  • Operational Best Practices
  • M&A, Lift-outs and Strategic Alliances
  • Marketing and Distribution Strategy
  • New Hires and Key Professionals
  • Industry Landscape and Competitive Positioning
  • Operating Agreements
  • Culture and Leadership
  • Networking/Industry-wide Introductions and Referrals
  • Business Tactics and Long-term Strategy

Investment Guidelines and Orientation

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  • Industry

    Focus exclusively on asset and wealth management firms. All asset classes, business models, and client segments.

  • Type

    Management buyouts, recapitalizations, generational transitions, and select Newcos.

  • Investment Size

    Generally $10-50 million equity investments, but larger and smaller considered opportunistically.

  • Ownership Interest

    10-40% equity stakes supporting management’s majority ownership.

  • Transaction Structure

    Equity investments with modest or no debt, generally owning same security as management. Participate in distributable cash flow or top line revenue share.

  • Market

    Primarily the U.S. but also experienced in the UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia – other regions opportunistically.

  • Long-Term Strategy

    Compound cash flows, and sustain and build value alongside management indefinitely.