We provide capital and industry expertise to support employee-owned asset and wealth management businesses.


We are minority equity investors that leverage permanent capital from Markel Corporation and our accumulated knowledge to help solve ownership and capital issues, such as facilitating generational transition, enabling firms to become and/or remain independent, or providing balance sheet capital for acquisitions and other strategic initiatives. In addition to long-lived capital, we use our extensive knowledge and networks to provide strategic and tactical advice as well as productive introductions.



Rosemont has been advising and investing in asset and wealth management firms for more than 30 years, dating back to its roots in research and consulting in the late 1980s. We are industry veterans who have worked in the investment management field for decades and been in the trenches with thousands of firms, and our team’s experience and knowledge bridges all aspects of the business, spanning investments, operations, distribution and management.


Over the past 20+ years we have formally partnered with nearly 30 investment firms, structurally aligning our collective interests and collaborating to help the businesses in myriad ways. Philosophically, we believe in being minority investors alongside owner-operators, because those who do the work should be in charge and reap the rewards. We use a sounding-board approach that generates maximum benefit with minimal interference, and we limit our number of relationships to ensure our partners receive our full attention.



We are industry leaders, often called upon for our views and to weigh in on issues. While our time and energy is dedicated to our investments, we continuously trade ideas and intelligence with our extensive network and are regularly asked to speak at industry events. We also share insights through memos to our network, our blog and our LinkedIn page.