Rosemont History

Over 30 years of advising and investing in asset & wealth managers


Research & Consulting

  • Founded Investment Counseling, a pioneering management consulting and research company to the asset management industry.
  • Completed over 400 assignments on business analysis, compensation design, distribution strategy, ownership transition, valuation, and related topics.
  • In 1990, developed and launched Competitive Challenges, the original best practices analysis for the business of asset management.


Private Equity

  • Founded Rosemont Investment Partners and raised three private equity funds.
  • Made over 30 investments, all in asset and wealth management boutiques.
  • The final fund (Fund III) is still active with seven investments, and is expected to run through 2025.


Permanent Capital

  • Formed Rosemont Investment Group in partnership with Markel Corporation to serve as the permanent capital vehicle for all subsequent investments.
  • Markel (NYSE: MKL) is a global specialty insurance company formed in 1930 and based in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Led by Chas Burkhart & Brad Mook and governed by a Board of Directors, which includes two representatives from Markel Ventures.
  • In 2019, acquired a permanent minority equity interest in 1607 Capital Partners, investors in closed-end funds with $3.8 billion in AUM at the time.