HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, March 17, 2006 – Allegiance Capital announced today the formation of Allegiance Capital Customized Investments, an independent investment advisor focused on providing customized investment solutions to corporate and institutional clients, including foundations and endowments.  Allegiance Capital Customized Investments is located in Radnor, Pennsylvania and utilizes the infrastructure and back office operations of Allegiance Capital.  Allegiance Capital was founded in 1988 as a fixed income investment specialist and manages over $5 billion of fixed income investments for institutional and individual clients. Says Mark Torline, President of Allegiance Capital, “As fixed income specialists ourselves, we recognize the need for the Customized Investments team’s approach to its clients’ needs.”

The Customized Investments team is led by Andrew Zimmerman and Christopher Krein, and includes Christopher Gunster, Lawrence Benedetto, Joseph Broscius and Jeanne Pattalino, all of whom had worked together at Wachovia/Evergreen Investments.  The team manages accounts free of style-box constraints, focusing instead on client-specific needs including cash flow matching, asset/liability management, yield enhancement, total return, after-tax book income, enhanced index products, and other customized client requirements.  “We believe that as part of a smaller, more focused investment boutique with significant ownership in the firm, we can provide customized, client-focused investment solutions, deliver unparalleled service, and foster enduring client relationships while aligning our interests with our clients,” said Mr. Krein.

Allegiance Capital Customized Investments is an autonomous operating business unit owned by the management team and Allegiance Capital.  In addition, the unit received operating capital from Rosemont Investment Partners, LLC, a private equity firm focused exclusively on the investment management industry, in exchange for a minority stake.