CONSHOHOCKEN, PA, February 12, 2001 – Rosemont Partners I, L.P. announced today that it completed an investment in Wayne, Pennsylvania-based Alpha Strategies, LLC.  Alpha works with investment management firms and sophisticated plan sponsors that have “in-house” investment capabilities to develop quantitative return-forecasting models and innovative investment strategies that generate performance in excess of a given benchmark.

Alpha Strategies was founded in 1997 by Jason MacQueen, the Chairman and Founder of QUANTEC Ltd., which since 1980 has been a leading provider of investment technology and risk models for international investors.  Alpha was created to apply the analytic framework developed by Mr. MacQueen at QUANTEC towards the creation and implementation of innovative and highly customized investment strategies.  Through his work on behalf of QUANTEC and Alpha, Mr. MacQueen has become world-renown as an expert on the practical applications of portfolio theory to international and global investment management.

Alpha is managed by both Mr. MacQueen and Tony Baker, who serves as Managing Director.  Prior to his involvement with Alpha, Mr. Baker held positions at Trilogy Capital Management, Leland O’Brien Rubinstein Associates (LOR) and was President of SEI Advanced Capital Management.  Since joining Alpha in 1999, Mr. Baker has expanded Alpha’s menu of investment models to include a Diversified Futures Fund and a “Guaranteed Active Management” structure.

Alpha Strategies is the second investment for Rosemont Partners I, L.P., which provided working capital and retired the interest of a passive shareholder.  “Rosemont helped us to identify our core strengths and position ourselves for growth.  They have already been active on our behalf in making introductions to potential clients and employees,” said Mr. Baker.

Rosemont Partners is a merchant bank focused on providing strategic capital to compelling business opportunities within the asset management industry.  “We’re excited about the opportunity afforded by Alpha.  Jason, Tony and their colleagues are among the brightest minds in the investment management community, and we think their business model is going to profit from a number of industry trends, including the growth of the exchange-traded fund market and increasing sophistication of plan sponsors,” said John O’Shea, a Vice President at Rosemont.